Vila Bled delivers new taste experiences and welcomes everyone to try a piece of Slovenia.

We invite you to enjoy the delicious recipes which we prepare here in Vila Bled daily from scratch.

Original recipes

We prepare the food by following the original recipes of our ancestors who were inspired by local ingredients and flavours.

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How to find us?

We are located in few steps from the Youzhen Park, at the adress 114 Dimitar Hadzhikotzev street, Losenetz, Sofia. Come check our offer or find our food truck stand right in the park!

We’re Proud of Our Experience

Traditional Recipes. Modern Equipment. Best Service.
Vila Bled offers warm and friendly atmosphere to share a breakfast, lunch or dinner with family and friends. Since 1953 the delicious Kremšnita is formed in traditional square parts 7x7 centimeters to make you enjoy the delicious taste of Slovenia.

Home made meat cuts

We have partnered with the best Slovenian craft meat producers to bring to the table the finest Slovenian dry aged meat and salami.

Excellent Regional Wines

You can pair our food with a fine selection of Slovenian regional wines made from authentic Slovenian sorts of grape.

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114 Dimitar Hadzhikotzev str.

Youzhen Park

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Visit “Vila Bled where Kremšnita makes its first appearance in Sofia to tease the taste buds of Bulgarian sweet lovers.

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